Buni City Tourism Dept.

Welcome to Buni City!

Here you will find a diverse community of bunis having a great time. Enjoy shopping, shows and community events. New housing development projects will allow tourists to establish permanent residency and choose a new “buni name.”

Buni City is an inclusive community interested in TLC, fun and family. We accept all non-violent ways of life and you can find bunis involved in all kinds of projects and activities. Whether you are actively engaging in building a family or are just here for a good time, we are happy to see you having a good time. We encourage everyone to be themselves, just keep it classy. ^ – ^

In the shopping district you will find bunis selling lots of merchandise, tho the major draw of tourists to the city is our extensive collection of videos and sex toys / apparel. Whether you are looking for TLC, fun or family building, there will surely be something for you in the shopping district. We try to keep all items in stock and are very attentive to feedback. If there is an item that we do not carry and you think we should, let us know. If we decide to start selling it we will send you one for free as a thank you for recommending!

Currently the large public arenas are down for renovation, and the small venues are following restricted guidelines. We apologize for any delay of shows and events. Expect all cams and streams to be active by spring.

Buni City welcomes you!

Mayor Caroll

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